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Established as one of Europe’s leading Apple resellers, MacFinder required both a website and brand that is as beautiful as the products they sell, that captured the new independent spirit and ambition of the firm.

MacFinder approached us in 2019, in search of design that not only looked great but delivered on user experience too, something they had previously struggled with due to the vast range of devices they sell.

When it comes to appealing to Apple customers, technical specification and design is vitally important. We, therefore, set out in search of an approach that not only looked great but could also communicate a plethora of technical information in a clear, easy to read and digestible way.

The option to upgrade your Mac before your purchase is one of the many USP’s that set MacFinder apart from other Apple resellers. This is key to not only securing sales but increasing transactional value. MacFinder made it clear to us that this service offering was very important to them, thus our call-to-actions were centred around encouraging these upgrades.

With branding, a stylish, sleek appearance was applied; using modern fonts, minimalist design and high-quality imagery that not only appealed to Apple customers but also provided the functionality MacFinder were looking for.

The logo design was the cherry on the cake, a modern but clever logo that is instantly recognisable, looks beautiful on every medium and is now used throughout the business and widely recognised for being the identifying symbol of Europes largest Apple reseller.

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