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About This Project

Mailr is a clean and modern brand that provides email marketing services to small, medium and large businesses. As the Mailr service is focused around performance driven, beautifully designed email marketing, the brand had to also represent that same ideology, a project which the Brewhouse team thoroughly enjoyed working on.

For this project, Brewhouse began with the logo design. With fierce competition amongst the email service industry it was important that the Mailr logo would stand out while remaining recognisable. The light blue tone of the “M” logo is calming and associated with trustworthiness, which is vital for a brand responsible for such a core marketing service for a number of small to large sized businesses. The M logo is of course representative of the Mailr name but also resembles an envelope, again making it recognisable while also standing out from other email services.

It was important for Mailr to stand out from the crowd and the Brewhouse Creative team successfully achieved this by designing custom illustrations and icons. These custom illustrations which are used throughout the brand, from business cards, to leaflets and the website not only help Mailr stand out in a crowded industry, but they also provide the brand with a unique identity, one that is friendly, encouraging and can be carried over to every medium in print and digital.

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